Disobeying a Traffic Control Device in NY

by Adam Rosenblum on February 23, 2012

You are speeding down the Taconic Parkway and get a ticket for driving 21 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.If you are convicted of the alleged speeding violation, you face a minimum fine of $180 and a maximum fine of $300 (not to mention a surcharge of at least $80 and a Driver Responsibility Assessment of $100 per year for three years payable to NY DMV).Upon conviction, the NY Department of Motor Vehicles automatically tacks 6 points onto your license. (Read more about costly speeding tickets.)

Fines and Points

The total fine for disobeying a traffic control device violation in New York is $235.00 and 2 points on your driving record. VTL 1110(a) and its consequences are much more preferable to a NY speeding ticket and its hefty fine and point total.In addition, if this is the only offense you have on your record, your insurance rates cannot be increased, which would be the case with a single speeding ticket.Moreover, due to receiving less points, it is unlikely that you will have your driver’s license suspended (due to having too many points on your license) or to be driving on an already suspended license.Note that if you live in a state other than New York, a skilled attorney may be able to negotiate your offense down to a violation that carries 0 points in your home state.

What Does it Mean to Disobey a Traffic Control Device?

Instead of pleading guilty and paying the fine, you decided to call New York Traffic lawyer Adam Rosenblum. Thankfully, Mr. Rosenblum skillfully convinced the district attorney to lower the charge to NY VTL 1110(a), Disobeying a Traffic Control Device in NY.You were ecstatic with the outcome, but you were left wondering what it means to disobey a traffic control device inNew York.New York Traffic Law defines a “traffic control device” as a sign, marking, or device placed by the authority (i.e. the government) to regulate, warn, and guide traffic (see New York VTL 153).New York VTL 1110(a) reads:“Every person shall obey the instructions of any official traffic-control device applicable to him placed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, unless otherwise directed by a traffic or police officer, subject to the exceptions granted the driver of an authorized emergency vehicle in this title.”This law is somewhat of a “catch-all” because any time a driver fails to follow street signs such as a yield, traffic signal, or speed sign, he disobeys a traffic control device.However, these violations have their own respective laws. Nevertheless, every time you do not obey a sign, signal, or marking on a pavement you can be found to be in violation of VTL 1110.

Who Should I Contact?

What happens if you get into another jam or need some general advice?Contact Adam H. Rosenblum of The Rosenblum Law Firm. His team of aggressive NY traffic ticket attorneys will negotiate with the prosecutor and try to reduce your New York speeding ticket to one for disobeying a traffic control device.Remember, you probably are facing a large NY speeding penalty, so make sure to contact The Rosenblum Law Firm today. Our team of attorney has experience achieving favorable resolutions for our clients, even if it is not your first time receiving a ticket. E-mail or call 888-883-5529 today. 

Do You Have Any More Information About NY Traffic Tickets?

If you received any other type of NY traffic ticket, feel free to check out our FAQ that tells you Everything You Need to Know About New York Traffic Tickets as well as the Top 10 Things You Must Know Before Going to Traffic Court.  

127 thoughts on “Disobeying a Traffic Control Device in NY

  1. I got 3 tickets for speeding in the last 16months(3 within 18months leads to license revocation). I have pulled my drivers record after getting the 3rd ticket(before the court date). I saw that my previous 2 tickets were for ‘disobeying a traffic device’. Does that mean that I don’t have any speeding ticket and my license cannot be revoked?

    Sam on
    • I mean my previous 2 tickets were reduced I guess.
      The record shows the following for both of my tickets
      Conviction: DISOBEYING TRAF DEV

      Sam on
      • Sorry, I did not mention that all three tickets were in NY and I have a NY DL.
        1st Ticket: Driving 68mph on a 55mph road.
        2nd Ticket: Driving 72mph on a 55mph road.
        3rd Ticket: Driving 82mph on a 65mph road.

        Sam on
        • Sam – please contact me at 888-883-5529 . If possible, I would like you to forward me a copy of your abstract so I may review in detail. I will then be happy to answer any questions you may have.

          RLF Attorneys on
      • Sam – please contact me at 888-883-5529 . If possible, I would like you to forward me a copy of your abstract so I may review in detail. I will then be happy to answer any questions you may have.

        RLF Attorneys on
    • Sam – please contact me at 888-883-5529 . If possible, I would like you to forward me a copy of your abstract so I may review in detail. I will then be happy to answer any questions you may have.

      RLF Attorneys on
  2. Hi.

    I made a left on a no turn sign – beacon, ny parking lot. I didn’t see it. Cop said he saw me do it the night before which is not true. Then he gave me a vlt 1110a ticket – beacon ny. I can’t take time off work to plead not guilty. Please tell me how many points and how long this will stay on my record? This is my 1st ever ticket for anything. I’m worried. Thank you. N.

    Natalie on
    • Natalie – this 2 point ticket will cost approximately $243. For suspension & assessment fee purposes, points are effective 18 months from the date of violation. Your insurance rates will often be impacted for years after the conviction date. Hiring an attorney will allow you to contest this ticket without physically appearing in court.

      RLF Attorneys on
  3. Have you found many speeding and or disobeying of traffic control device citations being handed out to drivers connecting from the Hutcherson River Parkway south, merging onto 287 west crossing Westchester Ave west? This to me is an egregious misuse of police authority given the extraordinarily brief space of time, and length of roadway, that one has to make the connection between two roadways of 55mph, basically crossing a roadway of 40mph. It is virtually impossible to notice the speed limit sign on the right as it is exactly where one must be looking to the left for oncoming traffic. And it is virtually impossible to slow to 40 mph as one tries to safely merge. I am from MA and have made that connection dozens of times as I visit family in NJ and have never seen that speed limit sign.

    I was planning to plead not guilty until I looked at the citation two days later and saw that one has to submit it in 48 hours!! Is this true? Have I lost my chance to dispute this?

    James Orleans on
    • James – you must reply by the ‘reply by date,’ listed towards the bottom portion of the ticket. You have not lost your chance to contest this ticket simply because you have not replied within 48 hours.

      RLF Attorneys on
      • This happened to me yesterday and I was so angered by the way the officer handled this. While he gave me the lesser of the charge for 2 points disobeying a controlled device they pulled over 4 cars and the lady in front of me was let go without even a check of her license and the 2nd officer said it was at the discretion of the first officer. He then proceeded to check mine and came back with the 2 point fine indicating that he was trying to help me out. This made me more upset in a way because first I was not speeding if anything the women in front of me was but they purposely are sitting there waiting as the previous commentor indicating its impossible to go from a 40 to 60 in seconds once you turn the corner. I feel like pleading not guilty because i’m not but don’t want a lesser charge to be dismissed and receive a higher fine can you recommend if I should just plead guilty and move on? Thank you.

        Debra Crespo on
        • Debra – Please clarify – where did this violation occur – as the procedures vary among jurisdictions. Additionally, please advise where you are licensed to drive.

          RLF Attorneys on
  4. The officer wrote me a 1110a violation but they put my wrong date of birth. Does that mean it will be dismissed ? Also with that violation which the officer said i had to pay 138 if i plead guilty would there be any points on my license?

    aleem on
    • ALeem – this 2 point violation will not be dismissed based solely on a wrong date of birth – so long as the ticket properly identiifes you.

      RLF Attorneys on
  5. I received a ticket for disobeying a traffic control device in Montgomery County NY. The officer was located in the center median (at night) and claims he clocked me doing 81 in a 65. He said this charge was less than that of an actual speeding ticket and was being lenient. Is that true? The actual speed he claims is not listed on the ticket….just says type 2-radar. I have a MA license and am wondering how much the fine would be and if it transfers between states?

    Josh C on
    • Josh – it appears that the officer gave you a ‘roadside reduction,’ which means that the officer was in fact being lenient in providing you a reduced ticket at the traffic stop. While you may contest this, these types of violations are generally less likely to result in plea negotiations. You may contact us at 888-883-5529 if you would like to discuss your ticket in further detail.

      RLF Attorneys on
  6. So I got a disobeyed traf dev in NY. The officer told me I didn’t use a directional. I have drove for a company and had to go to school for it. It habit to follow the rules. Is the officer picking me out cause I am from out of state?

    Peter on
    • This violation carries 2 points, along with a maximum penalty of $243. While the officer might have been ‘picking you out,’ that will not warrant the dismissal of the charges against you. The specific strategy and procedures to handle your case vary both based on the court system you are in, as well as what state you are licensed in.

      RLF Attorneys on

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