Fight Your NY Speeding Ticket (and Win)

by Adam Rosenblum on January 27, 2012

You’re zipping down the New York State Thruway and out of nowhere a NY State Trooper appears and starts following you with lights flashing.  You look at your speedometer and you know that you are facing a New York speeding ticket.

How do you successfully deal with your ticket?

  • Use Your Best Manners

When the police officer approaches your automobile, he has not yet issued a ticket.  Greet the officer politely and follow his instructions.  If it is at night, illuminate the inside of the automobile and keep your hands on the steering wheel.  Being argumentative will certainly not help; but using your best manners might persuade the officer to issue a warning instead of a ticket. 

  • Do Not Plead Guilty and Do Not Take Your NY Speeding Ticket to Trial (Except in the TVB)

If the officer hands you a ticket, do not plead guilty and pay the fine.  If you plead guilty to a points-related violation, you will accumulate points on your driver record.  You also waive your right to plea bargain and seek a reduction in charges or a trial.

In addition, do not try to fight the New York speeding ticket in court because you will probably lose.  If it is your word against the officer, the judge will probably side with the officer.  Furthermore, if you lose, which is likely, you will be convicted to as charged and pay the fines, costs and receive points on your driving record.  Note that in the Traffic Violations Bureaus (TVB) of NYC, Rochester, and Buffalo there is no plea bargain system so you have to take the ticket to trial if you want to fight it.

  • Hire a NY Traffic Lawyer and Plea Bargain

Before pleading, contact an aggressive and experienced New York traffic attorney such as Adam Rosenblum.  He is familiar with the workings of town courts and can navigate the process to your advantage.  Your NY speeding ticket lawyer has established relationships with many district attorneys and town court judges which enables him to negotiate a favorable outcome such as a lower charge that will not damage your wallet and driving record.  Even though a New York traffic attorney charges a fee, the reduced fees, points and insurance premiums that are likely to result make it worthwhile.

 If you have been caught speeding and handed a ticket, email or call the Rosenblum Law Firm today.  We are prepared to fight your NY speeding ticket.

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