Suspended Driver’s License Attorney in New York

by Adam Rosenblum

Your New York State driver’s license can get suspended for all sorts of reasons and you may not even know that it was suspended. It is absolutely crucial to know what a license suspension is and the most common ways in which your New York license can be suspended.

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Background Information

A suspension is different than a revocation. A revocation is an outright termination of your driving privileges for a minimum period of time. After that period of time, you can reapply for a new driver’s license at your local DMV (i.e. your old license is invalid). Once your driving privileges are restored and you are officially issued a new license, you can drive again.

However, a suspension is a temporary loss of one’s driving privileges for a fixed duration of time that terminates automatically. After the suspension ends, you will be allowed to drive again without having to apply for a new license. A suspension can last for only a few weeks or as long as a few years (depending on the offenses you committed and what caused the suspension).

Discovering that you have a suspended license in NY can be devastating. Imagine losing your ability to drive, even for just a few weeks. You would need to rely on others to get you everywhere you needed to go. Aside from making your life inconvenient, you could lose your job. A suspension can also prevent you from getting a job.

Remember, it is quite common for people to think that once their license is suspended they are at a “dead end” and cannot do anything about it. However, that is simply untrue!

A skilled suspended license attorney can help you avoid a license suspension altogether as well as get your driving privileges restored if they already were suspended.

What Causes a Suspended License?

The following are just a few of the most common reasons why your driver’s license could be suspended.

  • Driving Without Registration (VTL 401)
    • In New York, driving without registration is more severe than your average traffic ticket. Besides leading to a license suspension, if you are convicted of VTL 401 for not having your vehicle registered, you can incur a fine of up to $300 and can even be imprisoned for up to 15 days.
  • Driving Without Insurance (VTL 319)
    • Under VTL 319, all cars in New York must be properly insured. A conviction for driving without insurance is extremely serious. You can lose your license for up to 1 year, incur a fine of up to $1,500, and go to jail for up to 15 days.
  • DUI/DWI: Driving Under the Influence & Driving While Intoxicated (VTL 1192-1193)
    • If you are found guilty of DUI/DWI in New York, your driving privileges will be suspended. Depending on what level your blood alcohol content (BAC) was and whether you are a first-time or repeat offender will determine how long the license suspension will last.
    • If your BAC level is above 0.18%, you will likely be charged with Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated. If convicted, your license will be suspended for 1 year.
    • If your blood alcohol content (BAC) is over 0.08% but under 0.18%, you can be charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). If convicted, your license will be suspended for 6 months.
  • DWAI: Driving While Ability Impaired (VTL 1192)
    • If you are convicted of Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), your license will be suspended for 90 days. DWAI is usually issued to motorists who are high while driving and/or driving under the influence of drugs. A second DWAI conviction within 5 years of your first could cause your license to be suspended for 6 months.
  • Having 11 or More Points on Your Driving Record
    • In New York, if you receive 11 or more points within 18 months, your license will be suspended.
    • Remember, moving violations have set point values, and the more moving violations you commit, the closer you will be to a suspension on your driving record.
    • Think about it: Getting convicted for talking on a cell phone (now a 5 point ticket) while driving 21 MPH over (a 6 point ticket) will cause your license to be suspended. How many New Yorkers do this on the Thruway daily?
CLICK HERE - More Ways Your NY License Can Be Suspended

The following traffic violations, depending on the severity of your circumstances, can also give rise to a suspended license in New York:

Lastly, the following non-moving violations and non-driving related offenses can also cause your driver’s license to be suspended:


Who Should You Contact?

If you are facing a license suspension or already have a suspended license, contact Adam H. Rosenblum of The Rosenblum Law Firm. His team of experienced New York suspended license attorneys can help you avoid a suspension or help you restore your driving privileges if they were already suspended. Call 888-883-5529 today.

75 thoughts on “Suspended Driver’s License Attorney in New York

  1. I was suspended in June on a DWAI conviction. In July I applied for a non-driver ID card, now my abstract is showing my license is surrendered. Will this affect my license suspension termination in anyway? Tomorrow is 90 days, and I will have meet all other requirements for discharge. I’m worried that getting the non-driver ID may require me to re-license, which will kick off a 25 year lookback (I had 2 convictions in the 90’s). DMV never informed me of any issue I may have when getting the non-driver ID – I’m very worried about anything going wrong as my job is dependent on a license.

    John on
  2. My son received a NY drivers license suspension notice (90 days) due to possession of a fake license (he was 20 at the time, just turned 21). Since this was his first time caught with a fake license the DMV is suspending the license for “ony” 90 days. Is there a way to fight this?

    Jim Viza on
    • Jim –

      In order to properly advise you of the options, I suggest you contact my office to clarify the facts surrounding the summons your son received.

      RLF Attorneys on
  3. Hi,

    I have 12 pints pending on my record as of March 2017. The 12 pts were the result of 2 traffic stops in total. On the 18th of June this year I received another 5 or 6 pts for Operating Motor Vehicle while using Mobile Device. I am a resident of NYS and will most likely face as suspension. My question is how long will my suspension be? I am a college student and work 3 jobs, will this give me any reasons to receive a conditional license for the time being?

    Thank you,

    Denis A.

    Denis A. on
    • Denis, In the state of New York once you reach the 11 point mark you are suspended. You may go to the DMV and apply for a restricted use license. Keep in mind it is up to the DMV on whether or not they want to issue it to you.

      RLF Attorneys on
  4. Hello, i got a speeding ticket last summer of 2016 for going 20 over and 3 weeks ago i got another speeding ticket for going 60 in a 30, I went to the court date and they said i have to go back when i get by mail by court date, I think im facing possible license suspension, the clerk said try to get a reduction, but im not sure what is the actual best route to take, if you can please give my any ideas ill appreciate it thanks

    Oscar E. Tobias on
  5. I have a valid New Jersey Drivers license however I also have a New York State IDENTIFICATION card with my New Jersey Address on it. I was required to get a new york state ID because I was in a construction union and NY state ID was required for my certifications. I am not a resident of NY State. I was pulled over earlier this week and I was told by the police officer that my NY State drivers license was suspended. I told the officer I do not have a NY state drivers license. The officer said that he CREATED a NY state drivers license based on my NY state ID. Now I have a court date and have to go to the DMV. I did a search on the NYS DMV website which said I have no suspensions and I also checked my NJ state license. Nothing is suspended. Is it legal for police officers to CREATE a drivers license for someone if they’ve never had a license in that state?

    Mr Flechas on
    • Mr. Flechas – I have not heard of a situation such as yours before. I suggest you contact me at 888-883-5529 so we may discuss in further detail. Even if you are license in NJ, you do have a ‘driving record’ from NY. This, may, be what the officer was referring to.

      RLF Attorneys on
  6. I just found out my license is suspended because my insurance lapsed. I had applied for a new policy for my vehicles and they said it was suspended. I phoned the DMV and of course she was rude, but stated I have to serve everyday the plates were not turned in. I have not been able to drive since July of 2016, due a medication. I did not realize I had to return plates. What can I do?

    Shanon on
    • Shanon – you should contact the DMV and inquire about the possibility of obtaining a restricted license until your privileges are fully restored.

      RLF Attorneys on
  7. Hi, I had a speeding ticket conviction on 2/24/14. It’s past the 3 years from the date but it’s still showing on my license. I read that it won’t come off until the January after the 3 years. Is there any way to get it cleared off? I’m out of work and it’s hard to get a job driving trucks because my license doesn’t show up clean.

    Ernest Sileo on
    • Ernest, points do not ‘come off’ your driving record after 3 years. You may not receive 11 points in any 18 month window of time, as you will then be suspended. Additionally, added penalties are assessed based on point accumulation within this 18 month period of time. For your purposes, however, the issue will truly be how extensive of an abstract your potential employer requires.

      RLF Attorneys on
  8. Hello, I lost my job 3 years ago and was out of work for approximately one year, I fell behind on my child support, They suspended my license, I am back to work and have been making DOUBLE weekly payments for a solid 18 months to get caught up, I have written social services about getting my license back so I can get to work and continue making payments, they just won’t work with me. Can you help with this..??

    Richard Wilson on
  9. i received an unlicensed operator ticket in NYC (from a NYS trooper – based on license plat reader at RFK bridge) . had no idea what it was. went to DMV to discover that when i bought new car year ago and transferred plates and insurance, the insurance clerk accidentally typed in 2015 instead of 2016 for noting the termination date of insurance under my old vehicle..which then created in the system a retroactive status that i was driving “uninsured” and license apparently was suspended. I called insurer and they corrected with DMV…and driving status was fixed…is there a more efficient way to handle this ticket other than waiting until december for a no-guilty hearing and even then who knows what happens?

    neil roth on
    • From the information you have provided, I believe the most efficient way of handling this issue is by attending the court hearing. I suggest you contact my office as I would like to clarify a few facts surrounding this ticket.

      RLF Attorneys on
  10. A while ago, I got a ticket for going 29 mph over the limit. This is my first ever offense and I am above 18 in nys. Is there any way that the judge can just take away my license in the courtroom?

    Micheal avery on
    • Michael – generally speaking, a judge will not suspend a license because of a 6 point ticket, although they are provided substantial discretion with respect to penalties.

      RLF Attorneys on
  11. HELP! I just got three tickects in the bronx on the 28th of this month. 1, doing 75mph on a 55mph. 2, driving without insurance. 3, driving an unregistered car. I had purchased the car at an auction inWisconsin a day prior and the title wasn’t going to be ready until five days after but I had the purchase receipt from the the auction company. My title comes in the mail next week, can I use it to plead not guilty for the unregistered car ticket? Will my license be suspended whether or not I decide to just pay all three fines? I am in the Military and I had to be back in NYC to get stuff done on base by the 29th which was why I decided to drive the car without all the paperwork. And the auction guys told me to just show the police my purchase receipt if I get pulled over and they will understand. What are my options please.

    Charles A on
    • Charles, due to the serious nature of this offense, I suggest you contact us for a free consultation at 888-883-5529 . I would also like to clarify whether you had insurance on the car at the time of the stop.

      RLF Attorneys on
  12. My license was revoked .. It was a restricted license for work only. I got a ticket for a moving violation (turning left in a no-left) and that caused the revocation. How can I get the restricted license back so i can use it for work.

    John Hamm on
  13. Hi,
    I have a CT licence and realized today that there was suspension in NY on my licence since 2009 for failure to pay DRA which I didn’t even know it existed until today. I have immediately gone through DMV records and paid up the amount that was showing as due and have payment confirmation.

    What else do I need to do to get the suspension removed and how can I monitor that suspension has been removed.

    PDinava on
  14. In 2015 my license was suspended twice for failure to pay assesment fee. I never recieved any letters in the mail warning of suspension or else I would have paid it. Now it’s a year later and all the jobs I want to get are refusing me. Is there any way I can get the suspensions removed.

    Hesham on
    • Hesham – you should contact the court in order to pay both your assessment fee, and suspension termination fees. That should clear up any issues you are facing.

      RLF Attorneys on
  15. My license is to be suspended on 12/19/16 for 12 points on my license. If I go for a restricted license, after my 30 day suspension is up are those points cleared then? All were within 18 moths from the guilty one of 11/4/14. But I do have a speeding ticket from 04/2016 that has a court date of 05/2017. Can that ticket suspend my license again?

    Elizabeth on
    • The points are not cleared when you receive a restricted license. If you receive 11 points in any 18 month window of time, your license might be suspended again

      RLF Attorneys on
  16. My license was suspended I think bc I didn’t show up for a seat belt hearing in Queens. They said I owed $240 from 2012. Can I call with a cc z? Please tell me what U need to do.

    Carole. Einstein on
  17. My license is suspended for unpaid tickets and driver assessment fee i can’t afford to pay for these at the moment what would be my best course of action

    Justin on
    • Justin,

      Fines for unpaid tickets are expected to be paid in full, however, the DRA (Driver’s Responsibility Assessment) can be paid in three installments over the next three years.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  18. Two year ago I have 11 points in my license. I get 2 ticket at same time.speeding and follow to close. what can I do please

    Hem gotamay on
  19. Hi. I got suspension or revocation order for 3 speeding tickets I have lost in court. I am a limo driver. Only working person in family of 7. Is there any way to fight this order? I am a very experienced driver with over 1.5 million miles. Never had any accidents or serious violations.

    Eli Ben-Nany on
  20. I received a ticket for driving without insurance. I did not realize the insurance lapsed at the time. Is there any hope of me keeping my license? I’m a f/t nurse, student and mother of a 4y.o. I have no other way to get around liVing in Suffolk County and cannot afford to lose my license.

    Chantell on
    • Hi Chantell, having a lapsed insurance is a big deal in NY. You could possibly face 15 days in jail. A fine maximum of $1500 and a revoked license of 1 year. Please contact our office for a free consultation to find out what your options are with disputing this type of ticket. We could be reached at 888-883-5529 .

      Adam Rosenblum on
  21. i get 11 ticket today 1 for speeding driving 86 under 55 , 1 for driving without insurance 4 for tint windows 1 each window one for driving slow 20 under 55 that after the cop stop me and i was in the let lane and i try pull to my right and the service road am i cdl driving i don’t have record just 2 point for u turn in comercial zone i don’t drink i don’t smoke am clean never being in jail no even a precint can u please tell me if ima lose my cdl because this is my key for my job if i lose it i lose everything

    fernando gomez on
  22. I am writing for my husband, whose driver’s license will be suspended on February 19,2016, due to no insurance. We are retired residents in New York City and the car is owned by our god daughter, who resides in Mt. Vernon. She purchased the car, but asked my husband to insure the car in his name. He did not realize that once you insure a car in your name, the car is also registered in your name. Suffice to say, she allowed the insurance to lapse,without informing us. My question is how can my husband remove his game from the registration and insurance without my god daughter?. We cannot find her, and she is not responding to our calls/texts. Or, how can my husband reinstate his license without access to the plates and registration ? Thanking you in advance.

    Retired in NYC

    Shirley Randolph on
  23. I found out my license was suspended about 8 years ago , i never got to pay the ticket because i didnt have the money for it . Now i want to fix my license but its over a thousand dollars , can it be reduced , plus i have point on my license . What can i do to fix it ?

    mayra cotto on
  24. Ok. 4 yrs ago my boyfriend was pulled over in my car, forfailure to stop at a stop sign. At that point he was told that he had a suspended license. long story short, he was then ticketed for driving with a suspended licence and no inspection. He never went to court to address this. Could you please tell me the consequences for this and what he can do to fix it?

    t. on
    • Your boyfriend should contact the DMV to determine the status of his license, and what court was handling his initial charge. After obtaining this information, you may contact us to discuss further. I need clarification on the current outstanding charges so I may be able to provide you with the correct information.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  25. I believe my license is suspended due to unpaid parking tickets on a truck that I used to own. I have been out of work and could not afford it then as well as now. I am willing to do community service if I have to so I can clear my license. There have been some doors opening up and my license being suspended is definitely holding me back. I don’t know what to do or where to go so I’m asking you for some kind of assistance or help. Please get back to me if you have the chance. If I don’t hear from you, thank you for your time & have a blessed holiday.

    Eric Washington on
  26. I recently had an accident in august in which I received 6 points. And just received a speeding ticket today 23 mph above speed limit, worth 6 or + if I plea guilty. I really depend on my licence for work and school. Is their anyway I can get out of getting my license suspended?

    Ben on
  27. I want to correct my suspended license but Im not sure when it was suspended. I know I got a ticket in july of of last year, but I misplaced it and I forgot to pay it. I tried to pay the fees online, but it says I have to go to the courthouse to correct it. I am worried since it has been over a year of suspension I will be in serious trouble. how can I correct this as soon as possible? please advise.

    kristi J on
  28. my license will be suspended on 11/17/2015. If this happens, i wont be able to work. i’m currently taking a defensive driving course, but its telling me that if my license is going to be suspended because of 3 speeding violations within 18 months, there’s nothing i can do. is this true? i need to have this resolved so im not prevented from going to work.

    Astley on
  29. My husband has a commercial license he got 2 cell phone tickets. We got a letter his commercial license will be suspended for 60 days. Any way to get that fixed? if we take a course? He needs his cdl for work

    gin a on
  30. I got in a year suspended driver license from child support and 24 points and How long will take to remove points from my.license ?

    MAX UNVR on
  31. Hope U can help. Got a DUI in 2011 in Florida. All the legal stuff was done. The only thing not completed was the counseling which is separate from the legal requirements. I moved to New York. I got a NY State non-driver’s ID. I have been trying to get my license in New York. New York told me to call Tallahassee. Tallahassee says I have to get my license reinstated in Florida. I DON’T LIVE IN FLORIDA anymore. Can they demand I become homeless in Florida just so I can get my driver’s license???? Please help. I’m trying to do the right thing, but it’s like the deck is stacked against me.

    Tyler on
  32. I recently learned my license was suspended when my husband added me to his car insurance. When I looked into the matter, I found out that Nassau county clerk office is responsible and claims I had 2 tickets from 2005. It says operating without insurance and another opporating without a license. I do recall paying a relapse of insurance around that time but do not recall this. I also got a lawyer to help with a speeding ticket which they were able to get charges reduced and I paid fines etc. it’s been 10 years and I haven’t had issues. I also had my license expire and got it reinstated with non of this 10 year old tickets coming up. Are you able to help? Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.


    Dani on
    • Dani – the first thing you need to do is contact the DMV and obtain a detailed abstract to determine what outstanding issues remain against your license. You should also contact the court and request a copy of the outstanding violations against you. When you have these documents, you may contact us – we will be happy to advise you accordingly.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  33. I have a NJ driver’s license and recently received 2 tickets in NY totaling 11 points. I have to appear at the TVB. What is the likelihood my license will be suspended and for how long? Will hiring an attorney reduce the chances? Will my driving privileges in be suspended only in NY? I work in NY and drive to and from work everyday so this would have a significant impact.


    Jessica Cicero on
    • Jessica – Please be advised of the following: a) The TVB is a very difficult court system to navigate, b) There is no plea bargaining here, c) A license suspension in NY can cause your license to become suspended in NJ – the term of suspension is often at the discretion of the Judge, d) Hiring an experienced attorney will greatly increase your chances of success.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  34. My license is revoked and I have many default (old convictions) I need to pay and clear up. I need my license for work and must reapply but clear all the fines before I can do this. Is it possible to reduce these fines, the civil penalties…anything at all. These are there so long for no other reason other than I could not afford it at the time. I wish to clear this now, but I need to somehow reduce these charges/fines. Is there any hope at all to reduce? There are approximately 8-10 old tickets dating back to 2000-2001. Thank you.

    Dawn Queally on
  35. Hey I recently received a tv ticket for going 43 mph over the speed limit. How much of a fine am I facing and can I take a defensive driving course to prevent a suspension?

    Jharold Eason on
    • Please contact us to discuss – as we need to know which court is handling this ticket. Generally speaking – your fine & assessment charges will be in excess of $1,300.00. A defensive driving course is an option we would like to discuss in further detail with you.

      Adam Rosenblum on
  36. I got a ticket in NY (nassau county, if I remember correctly) years ago and I no longer live in NY. I live in Vegas. Found out my license there was suspended, therefore the license I have now (from CA) was withdrawn and isn’t valid.

    Paolo Nucum on
  37. I got 3 tickets in 2013. following too close,mobile phone,and unregistered car. total of $285. I failed to go to court in 2014. as a result my licenses is suspended due to default conviction, and now the fine is up to $970. how can I fix this without having to pay all that money. That’s more than 3 time the original fine. Thanks in advance for your assistance

    Casey on

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