Rosenblum Law Firm Reviews

Your choice in hiring a lawyer is about trust, and who to better trust than former clients that have actually used our services? We are top rated by our clients on several independent websites such as Facebook, Google, Yelp and Avvo. Take a moment to click on the links below and read what our clients have to say. Our results speak for themselves.

fb-amandaAmanda Lovell
They did an amazing job! I got a speeding ticket going 30 over and had two prior speeding tickets before that. They somehow managed to get the third ticket completely abolished with no repercussions to insurance or anything. The only thing I had to do was take a 6 hour defensive driving course online. Honestly, they are miracle workers I would use them again in a heartbeat!

fb-jenJen Skovron
This firm is really amazing! I was pulled over in dead stopped traffic and looked at the traffic on my phone and got pulled over for using my cell phone while driving. I was not using my cell phone and was very upset by this. I called Adam and he took care of everything for me. Not only did I not have to do anything…but my case was completely dismissed! Thank you so much! If you need help…call them!

fb-jeremyJeremy David
Adam was very warm and professional, and made my traffic violation go away very painlessly. I would highly recommend him as he is at the top of his game in his professional field. Thanks again, Adam.

fb-mehrshadMehrshad Eshaghian
I wasn’t expecting that, really amazing work! Was pulled over for putting my phone away in traffic. Received a ticket for “Cell Phone/Texting” when I wasn’t doing so…Found the Rosenblum Law Firm after some research, called them up and they handled everything. Approximately one year later I received an email from the firm stating “…your ticket has been dismissed…no points and no fines…” Thank you so much! Call them, you’ll be glad you did…

fb-harrisJosh Harris
Found these folks online when looking for a reputable law office to fight a moving violation from NY State (I am Ontario resident). Wow did they ever come through! Not only was the flat rate fee reasonable, but I had consolidation with Adam Rosenblum directly, who assured me he would do his best to reduce my ticket. I never expected a 4 point speeding ticket with a hefty fine to be reduced to a $100 parking ticket! As someone who drives for a living it was most assuring to know Adam and his team were extremely dedicated to their clientele. I didn’t have to worry about a thing after I paid the fee and faxed my ticket over. One minute I am stressed to the max over the idea of my insurance going through the roof, the next I’m getting an email saying my ticket was reduced to a parking ticket.
Seriously can’t recommend them enough, especially if you’re a Canadian driver over in NY or NJ.
Thanks Team Rosenblum!

Adam worked for us on a traffic violation case. We called him immediately and he agreed to represent us in court. He was able to negotiate a better settlement for us. He was prompt in responding to our questions and took care of the matter efficiently.

Karen - Thank you, Adam!

I got 2 tickets at the same time one for speeding and the other for some technical thing. Adam got one dismiised and did very well with the second. I have used other lawyers for traffic matters in teh past and he is much better.

M. Weiser- Great Attorney

Adam was not only prompt and knowledgeable but he was extremely sincere and compassionate knowing what I was going through in my personal life/circumstances and what I needed from him to help me fight the potentially huge speeding charge that I incurred in the United States. I'm a Canadian citizen and I did not know who to turn to for help with my traffic charge and I was so fortunate to find Adam. He followed through with his guaranteed great service and the money spent to have him represent me was completely worth it. I recommend him to anyone whether a Canadian or US citizen. Thank you Adam!

Linda Lunn - The Best to Turn to!

My husband is a truck driver and was issued a few tickets while on the job.He made a wrong turn and ended up on a road He was facing points on his license..Mr.Rosenbalm took our case without hesitation and saved my husbands job..

Charlene - Great Results

I hired Adam and the Rosenblum law firm to handle my tickets, one of which was a criminal charge (Aggravated Unlicensed Operation - a misdemeanor). Adam got the criminal charge reduced to a traffic ticket and got my other ticket dismissed! I would use Adam again in a heartbeat!!!

David - A Superb Criminal and Ticket Defense Attorney!

The Rosenblum Law Firm is thorough and investigates all options. Their attorneys are reassuring in a time of high stress. My past employer harassed me mercilessly for almost 3 years just for trying to maintain the proper sense of ethics that I was taught during 20 years in a hospital. Many have benefited from this victory of the little guy over the big guys. Many, many thanks again!-Janet L., Schenectady, NY.

Janet - Rosenblum Law Firm Gets the Job Done

I was on my way to work and was pulled over for speeding,(why, no idea, I was with a group of cars and we were all at the same speed) he also, because I changed lanes to pull over,cited me for reckless driving, I have a clean driving record. I immediately looked on line and found Mr. Rosenblum, and called him. He was able to get the ticket reduced to Zero Points and just a parking ticket. I didn't loose any time or miss any days working. The wonderful thing is that in the beginning I was told that if he doesn't get the ticket reduced to no points, I would get a full refund. No one says that unless they know what they are doing. I highly recommend his firm if ever you are pulled over, for whatever the case may be. He is friendly and upfront, honest and reliable, professional yet completely understands exactly what you are going through. cheers

Daniel K.

Adam was highly professional and walked me through the court system. He always answered any questions I had and quickly. He was able to reduce my possession charge to a probationary 6 months. With out this I would have lost my financial aid. I am truly greatful for the Rosenblum Law Firm!

Google User

Adam was amazing, he got my 4 point ticket dismissed!!! He went the extra mile when he could have talked me into taking the minor 1 point deduction they originally offered. His fee was nothing compared to what he saved me. I highly recommend him. Being from out of state FL, I thought for sure I was sunk but he really came thru.


I was driving through New York State late one evening on my way to Myrtle Beach when I hit a radar trap and was stopped for speeding. The ticket would have resulted in a loss of 6 points, not to mention the fine and increase in insurance premiums. After researching several legal firms I decided to hire the Rosenblum Law firm to represent me. Adam took care of everything. My total investment of time consisted of a couple of emails and 1 phone call, and I didn't have to appear in court, they did that for me. The bottom line results were that my charges were reduced to from speeding to 2 parking fines with "0" points lost. Rosenblum Law firm handled my case in a professional and timely manner and saved me from a hefty increase in my insurance rates! I would highly recommend their services.

Ron Romano